Feed Me

I have resisted using any kind of feed reader ever since I first read about them. Many of the blogs I visit are lovingly designed and maintained by their respective owners. I want to respect that. Using a reader seems cold and impersonal. Also, my thoughts as a designer are that content and presentation are equally important to the complete message.

However, on Monday, I tried out Google Reader. I followed a link from Gmail and fifteen minutes later had 99% of my favorite websites in the feed. Some *cough* don’t have a feed *cough, cough*. I read all the updates in a fraction of the time it usually takes me. I still had time to kill so I searched for more feeds. Before long, my list quadrupled. Still, I read all the updates in less time that my original surfing schedule. I made sure to visit all the new sites to see the layout. I’ll still visit all my favorite sites every now and again to check for redesigns, make comments, etc. However, I think I’m going to stick with the Google Reader. It’s changed the internet for me.


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