I got my car serviced yesterday. It got a clean bill of health. It’s in great shape, runs well, no herpes. Now I just need to sell it. I was thinking about driving by CarMax and seeing what they would offer. I’ve heard both good and bad. Some have gotten less than they thought there car was worth, some a lot more. I have a number in my head. If they don’t meet or exceed that number, I’ll go the AutoTrader route.

My improv class continues to be fun. Our regular instructor was out, but the sub was just as engaging. Several classmates were missing as well so it almost felt like a different class. The games are getting more challenging in regards to involvement and attention, teaching us to be in the moment. I could definitely use as much training in that area as possible. The time I spend inside my own little world is excessive and annoying.

My stand-up class is tonight, a day later than usual. It’s getting close to the graduation. We only have two more classes and two dress rehearsals before we make our debut in front of a live, albeit understanding audience. My material is still light in respect to content. I have so many snippets of jokes on different subjects. I don’t know how I’m going to pull it together.

I get most of my ideas in bed when I’m drifting to sleep or as soon as I wake up. I might be driving Aimee crazy with my incessant iPhone entries in the dark. I use the Notes program. It’s a bit less intrusive than speaking into my recorder, but the screen still fills the room with light. I’ve noticed that I get a sounder sleep when I get all these little ideas out of my head. It’s like erasing them from the tape constantly looping in my head until I get nothing but soothing white noise.


5 responses to “Meh

  1. I gotta keep my notebook by the bed. If I didn’t I’d be in the same insomnia boat.

    Maybe an iPhone or recorder would do the trick, but most of my sparks are just lines of dialogue or one-liners anyhow.

  2. I should start using a notebook beside my bed as well. The iPhone is handy, but not as satisfying as scribbling thoughts on paper. I bought a recorder for class, but I find it disruptive to my train of thought when making notes. It’s great for listening to delivery, but again, not as satisfying as handwriting.

  3. I was watching comedy central over the weekend and thought of you. This one chick came straight to the mic and stood on the metal circle that holds it to the floor so she was practically hugging the damn thing. At first I was annoyed, like WHY is she doing that? But it kept me from changing the channel. Turned out she was pretty funny. I thought of you because you were talking about how it’s important the way you walk up to the mic. Maybe you could like, hump it or something…

  4. So THATS what you’re doing at night with the iPhone!

  5. tink: Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind if my mind blanks on stage.

    aims: You thought it was pr0n, didn’t you.

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