Puke and Rally

I’m incredibly nervous. I have one week until my first stand-up performance and I’m already experiencing stage fright. My stomach is in knots, my breathing is shallow, and my nerves are on edge.

It’s hard for me to concentrate. It’s very hard for me to write. Brainstorming is impossible. Each line is under intense scrutiny.

I almost wish I hadn’t taken a class now. I feel I should have just gone up and done it in some backwater bar on open mic night. If I sucked, oh well, I’d just fade off into the night all Ninja-like. Not now, everyone knows about this.

My right leg quivers when I stand up in front of the class. What’s it going to do when I’m on a real stage in front of real strangers? Someone is going to get kicked in the face. Whoever it is, I’m sorry in advance. Maybe I should wear slippers.

I keep reminding myself to just go up and have fun. This isn’t my job. My life doesn’t depend on this. No one’s going to kill a kitten if I don’t get a laugh. I just need to have fun. Have fun. Have fun. No puking. Have fun.


10 responses to “Puke and Rally

  1. Plus….you will have added bonus of possible Atlanta Bloggers at your first stand-up.

  2. You can doooooooo eeeet.

    I know you didn’t get a chance to meet dpb at the last event, but he did this last year too. Know what? I think he was also nervous….and if you know dpb you’ll know that means *everyone* is nervous their first time.

    (snickering at possible innuendo)

    His site underwent an overhaul last year so I can’t find any posts about it, but here he is doin’ his thing (thanks, youtube!)


  3. Barry has the brains in the crowd, and a helluva good point. Just tell us when…

  4. Barry/maigh: Thanks, I could sure use any and all support offered. I’m wiggin’.

    … and thanks for the link. I didn’t even think to look for past graduations.

  5. Good Luck on your performance. You’re right in saying “I keep reminding myself to just go up and have fun.” Positive affirmations really help, I learned it from one of the articles i read online. I too use the same technique every performance. Oh and by the article was from stagefrighthelp.com. Hope this will help you get through your performance. God Bless!

  6. oops sorry.. the exact url of the article was: http://stagefrighthelp.com/Positive-Affirmations-for-Stage-Fright-Sufferers.php
    hope this helps

  7. I’ve got a kitten on standby, Brody. Make them laugh, man, make them laugh!

    …or else the kitty gets it. I’ll do something pretty awful to this chocalate bunny sitting here too.

    But seriously, good luck. There’s a kitten depending on you. Naw, I’m kidding. But seriously.

  8. You are so naturally funny. I think of all the times you’ve cracked me up and it makes me laugh even harder. You ARE awesomely (tell Erica that goes on the board)funny. I know you’re going to be brilliant!

  9. I want to go too!!!

  10. Hell yeah, you go boy!

    Sounds like you’ve got all the right thoughts and affirmations going – I think doing your first gig after a course is FAAAAAR superior to a backwater bar. Because this way you can guarantee the audience is going to be supportive and is going to want you to succeed. And that, my dear, is a dream come true.

    You’ll be fine, just take a big deep breath, think of your lovely girl and how no matter what she thinks you’re the most brilliant and hilarious person on the planet….and go get em. Nothing else really matters apart from that anyway. 🙂

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