Feeling Frisky

Last night, I read my act into my recorder verbatim. Today, I’ve been repeatedly listening to it. I keep editing and changing word order. I’m not supposed to do that at this point because I sent a copy of my final script to Jeff yesterday. That’s what he’s going to be reading as I perform during the final dress rehearsal. If I speak a word out of order, he’s not going to be happy. I’ll send him a final, final copy on Friday night and hope he accepts it.

Jeff wants us to know our material dead on, up and down, forwards and back. Some people in class are taking issue with this approach. They think the memorization makes the material feel unnatural and they’ve been fighting Jeff on this. It does feel unnatural at first, but I see his point. He said it’s like learning a song, once you know the words, it becomes yours, you can play with it and really improvise.

In other news, the economy is crashing, a new war is brewing and I just found out I have to wait until the end of March for new episodes of Frisky Dingo.

I wish you all fortune, peace and good TV.


4 responses to “Feeling Frisky

  1. Did Michael Richards clear his act with Jeff? No, he didn’t and just look at what happened.

    Good luck with the show.


  2. I bet he yearns for the simpler times in his role as Stanley Spadowski.

  3. Supplies!

  4. Looking forward to Monday! 🙂

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