Yee Haw!

So, today is the big day. I’ve been alternating between excitement, nervousness and complete fear. These emotions are equally intense.

Yesterday, I spent some time with Aimee, my Mom and my brother. We checked out the Georgia Aquarium. It was nice to forget about my act for a while and just relax.

Afterwards, we split up. They all went shopping and I practiced my routine with classmates.

I left the practice early and went to my improv class. I almost didn’t go. I thought about using the time to work more on my act, but I’m really glad I did. We played some new games, like Dukes of Hazard. It was involving, fun and ridiculous. It really helped me relax and get in the moment.

I spent a lot of nervous energy immersing myself in all the exercises. More importantly, my classmates are amazing people and great fun to be around. If things get tough on stage, I need to remember to let go, have fun and perform my act like I’m hanging out with them.

While driving home from improv, I nailed my act. The energy from class carried over and I nailed it good. I feel ready. I feel excited.

…I feel nauseous.

Anyone want to play Dukes of Hazard before I go onstage?


3 responses to “Yee Haw!

  1. is that anything like “Puke & Rally”?

  2. I can’t stand performing improv because it’s hell on my nerves but I have always loved taking the classes. It really is a great energy boost.

  3. I’m scared to say yes…

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