Code Monkey

Now that the Stand-up class is over, I need to give Improv some focus and actually go see a show. I’ve heard many good things about the Doug Dank Project, so I might try to catch that on Wednesday. The only issue is that it’s at Push Push in Decatur at 10pm. That puts me at almost midnight for getting home on a school night.

I’ll play the decision fast and loose. It might happen. It might not.

I might try to hit up Dad’s Garage on Saturday night for Theater Sports. I hear great things. Of course, it’s where I take my improv classes so I really should see a show there.

Again, fast and loose.

One thing that will happen is my attendance at Jonathan Colton on March 22 at the Variety Playhouse. I missed him the last time he was in town. It was for a good reason. However, there are no more good reasons coming up, so I will be there. I already bought my ticket. It’s in the calendar. I’m dedicated. Let’s do this.

Big mad proppin’ ups to Clunky Robot for his post that alerted me to Jonathan’s immanent re-arrival. Music has taken a back seat to comedy and had I not read his post, I might have missed JC. Had I not bought the JC ticket I wouldn’t have seen that Les Claypool will also be at the Variety Playhouse on March 4. Got my ticket for him, too.

Aimee has finally rejoined the land of the living. It’s nice to have her back. Just in time to lose her again. She’s has to go to Ohio this weekend for a shower.

Damn this watering ban!


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