Happy Birthday to Two

Today is a good day for good people. Two of my really good friends share this day as the day they burst forth from the womb to spread peace, love and special sauce around the land. Today is truly, truly outrageous.

Happy Birthday Nate and Erica!!!

I gave you three exclamation points suckas. Don’t blow them all in one place. Enjoy.

A Haiku for Nate:

Quiet, shy, deadly smart
Your loyalty is treasured
You gave me Sealab

Happy Birthday Nate. Aka, Nate-dog, Nato Potato, Nato Chip.

A Haiku for Erica:

Laugh of a monkey
Indeed a friend for all time
Where is my cheesecake?

Happy Birthday Erica. Go easy on the Jager.


One response to “Happy Birthday to Two

  1. Happy B’day Nate & Erica!!
    Also Happy B’day to my son, Evan and my mother-in-law Pearl, and finally, Happy B’day George Washington!
    Any other b’day peoples out there? Speak up!

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