Start. Brody Time!

Last night was fun. Push Push took a great premise and made it awesome and some more. There were also crepes. Honestly, look, it’s Crepe Guy.

It was great to meet all the filmmakers and improvisers. Talent out the ass — talent out of every orifice — that’s what last night was all about. Oozy talent.

I heard humans speaking about doing it all again, soon. I implore you citizen, if you have a chance, see this show. This, you do not want to miss. Grab a delicious crepe while you are there and enjoy the thrill of movies made before your eyes!

I’m going back to Push Push for a show tonight. I’m bringing Aimee with me. Which reminds me, Push Push is a great place for a date. Get there early, eat at Figo Pasta, see a great show at Push Push (for less than a movie) and top the night off with a few drinks at The Corner Pub (they have Smithwick’s!). All within spitting distance. Just, don’t spit on your date. Unless he/she/it is into that.

This weekend, were going to be dogsitting a pup named Hogan. I’m hoping Buster likes him. Buster is weird. I think he’s touched with the Special. It’s hard to tell who he’s going to like. For one, if you don’t sniff some butt in the first minute, he’ll feel snubbed. Two, don’t be cuter. He likes being the cute one, which is tough at times, especially since he sometimes looks like a Chupacabra. Three, don’t touch his toys. Four, don’t be a cat. Five, don’t be a kid on wheels. Six, no sudden movements… I could go on, but what evs. I think Hogan’s cute which means he’ll have to sniff some serious booty.

Stop. Hammer Time!


3 responses to “Start. Brody Time!

  1. Grassy ass, senior eater.

  2. Thanks for the date idea … now I must find the date.

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