When I was young, all I ever wanted to be was older. Now that I’m older, all I want to be is Ghetto Fabulous. Blingerated!

I heard that I missed an awesome show at Push Push on Saturday night, but it’s cool. I was busy watching Will Ferrell in a career-defining role. See, he played this crazy clueless guy named something sorta funny, but not full blown hilarious, just kinda off really, like Ricky Moon or Bobby Velvet. He went the whole movie not listening to other people, shenanigans ensued, but then at the end, he listened and everything was good. Only this time, he wasn’t a jerk in the beginning, he was a nice guy the whole movie so, it’s good to see him take chances and try something new for a change.

Did you know they put wine in handy juice boxes now? Yeah, they’re small enough to fit in a small bag, or purse. You could even keep that purse on your lap and sip it through a straw while watching an event, like a movie or something. It’s boss.

I want to start carrying a purse to work. It’s cool though, I walk to work remember?

Where were these wine boxes in college? I almost broke my tooth on a 40oz. in Political Science. That’s a true story, told with lies. That’s something a Will Ferrell character would say.

Aimee finished our wedding invitations. She did an excellent job. They are hade-made and beautiful. She even used a Gocco machine to do the printing herself. She was about to cry while printing the last few. It was grueling. I heard her cuss a lot the other night while stuffing the envelopes. She has a potty mouth. I think I heard a Sailor cry. But, she did an awesome job. All 5200 people had better show up because even though I would die for her, I would prefer to kill.

We had a guest this weekend, Hogan the Hobo Pup. I call him that because he’s a scrapper like buster. I think he has some Chihuahua in the mix. He was a gentleman and a scholar. Here you can see, he schooled the trash can:

Think you can keep rotting food away from Hogan? Think again… LE4Rn3d!!!

Because I haven’t mentioned him in a while, I want to give a shout out to Jason Z. What up Pork Chop Express? When are you coming back to the ATL? Up here, we all float.

My Wad Shop.


5 responses to “Titled

  1. Wedding mention + Hogan pictures + Wad Shout-out = Best. Post. EVER!

  2. so, i gotta ask…

    i have deluded myself into thinking that i, too, can possibly gocco my own invitations. is it horrible? bear in mind, i have *yet* to actually use my gocco…

    but i’m having a hell of a time finding someone who can design what i want without asking for a kidney, so i figure i’m stuck diy’ing?

  3. duanemoody.com

    Your random thought streams impress me. As for the wine-juice boxes… I must have them.

    If you are really interested in a “murse”, I recommend Jack Spade. The bags cost a bit, but they are very masculine. Sometimes, there is too much to carry in your pockets!

  4. mingaling: Aim had fun in the beginning with the printing. However, the design of our invitation included the main invitation plus four inserts. For all the invites, she had to print a gazillion times. In addition, the main invite was too large for the Gocco area, so she had to print the top and bottom. I’m surprised she made it. I thought for sure we would be ordering invitations. But, she’s amazing!

    It’s wasn’t too hard to come up with the actual design. In fact, I used vector art I got from istockphoto.com and both Aim and I played with the layout in Illustrator.

    duane: If I get a big enough murse, I can carry the big box of wine. A box full of wine makes the world spin around, in a most delightful way…

  5. I love the boxed wine especially in handy travel sizes. Don’t you have a flask for the movie theater and work? I thought everybody did!

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