Few thoughts on my performance

Now that I’ve had time to watch it more times than I would like – the videographer thought it would be a great idea to put my cell number in the ending credits, so I spent some time trimming the file last night – I have to say that I didn’t do as good as I would have liked. I definitely want to massage my material. We had to keep it clean for the class. Now that class is over, I’m going to use the word Fcuk. A lot. Just kidding, it’s a joke, Lolllollolzzz. But I don’t don’t want to be a such a goober.

As was mentioned in the previous comments by Dave, I swayed like a Weeping Willow. That’s good to know. I need that kind of feedback if I want to perform. Dave’s Canadian and they take their comedy seriously. It’s not something to Fcuk around with. So yeah, swaying, it’s going to take some work. While I was up there, I felt like I was encased in Carbonite. I had no idea I was moving so much. Yeah.

Yeah, and I said yeah too much. Uh-huh.

They say the camera adds ten pounds, but no one told me it adds 12-inches to your forehead. Jeeze, that thing is huge. Like, Kelsey Grammer huge. Think I’ll get a tattoo on that sucker… “Your Ad Here!”

So, there’s work to be done. Lots o’ work. I really want to be comfortable on stage because it was cool to be up there with lights in my face, telling jokes to shadows. I’m glad they were able to digitally remove the wet spot on my pants from when I pissed myself. I recommend the experience to anyone. It was great, except the swaying, frayed nerves, forgotten jokes and absolute terror, yeah.


One response to “Few thoughts on my performance

  1. Jenny Wynter

    Just stopping by to say I think you need to go easy on yourself – you’re criticising your gig as though you’ve been doing it for years. It was your FIRST!!! And you kicked ass! You should be floating on air! Sure, you’ve got stuff to improve on, but seriously, you will be improving forever. That’s the nature of the beast. A well known Aussie comic once said to me – after giving me one of the best compliments of my life – “you know this is a ten year apprenticeship, don’t you?” Only now – two years later and realising how much more I have to learn – do I realise how true that was.

    I know you’re in a bit of a slump, I’m sure that’s partly to do with having the buildup to your stand-up gig over with and the inevitable comedown and criticism afterwards (again, welcome to comedy land!). My advice is sign up for as many open mics as you can stomach and get as much practice as you can. Then you can at least feel like you’re doing something about improving, rather than just beating yourself up over it.

    Cos it was just one gig. A great gig. But your first gig. Don’t forget that!! 🙂

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