Well, Here It Is

My first stand-up appearance. One of many or one of none. Stay tuned.


11 responses to “Well, Here It Is

  1. idyllicchick


  2. That was great, Brodie! I laughed pretty hard at the “let myself go” bit.

  3. That was really funny! You have a great stage presence.

  4. Good job Brody. Two comments on the performance.

    1 – watch the swaying from side to side. You were probably nervous and I’m sure this will get better over time.
    2 – after the joke about learning to keep your mouth shut, I expected to hear some more jokes on the subject. Some examples of what happens when you don’t keep your mouth shut maybe?

    Other than that, I think it was great. You could have a great future here.

  5. Thanks, all. Watch for me at a Holiday Inn Lounge near you!

  6. Yoyoyo!!! Great job Brody! I didn’t know you were such a drunken lazy bones…LOL! Aim must be so proud! When are you touring in Fl???

    P.S. I heard a familiar “Woooo!” in the audience…haha!

  7. Great job – I’m sorry I missed it!

  8. duanemoody.com

    great job indeed! Hope to see you at the meet up tonight!

  9. That bit about text messaging was fucking hilarious. You rock Brody.

  10. OMG, that was so good Brody! Well done.

  11. Dood- the JFK thing was teh awesome! You had me at “WTF”!

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