Doo Tee Doooo!

I’ve hit the bottom of the bowl. My momentum marble is very near the end of it’s journey. It’s only a matter of time before the back and forth ceases altogether, leaving me in a state of kinetic distress.

I don’t even know if that made sense. I put in too much science. Kinetic, who am I kidding?

Whatevski… I’ve hit a slump. Stuff just isn’t as exciting as it was at the beginning of 2008. Now, it’s kind of bluh. I’ve hit The Dip as Seth Godin describes it. Now, I need discover what’s worth pushing through and what’s worth giving up.

Stand-up: where’s the slump there? The more I think about my routine, the more I hate it.

What to do? Keep pushing through. I think they pay-off will be worth the price. What’s the cost? My dignity. But, it’s up on YouTube, everyone I know has seen it. They only way I can lower myself more would be to open comments up to the YouTube denizens. Seriously, those guys scare me. No one Lols as harshly as a 13-year-old kid off his Ritalin, or is it Prozac? What are we pumping into these punks these days, anyway? What ever it is, it’s not strong enough. The other day I think I saw one having an original thought. Not good.

Improv: The class is over for now.

What to do? I’m doing it. I signed up for level two, but it doesn’t start until next week. So, I’m sad. I’ve no one to watch me make a fool of myself. Perhaps another youTube video is in order?

Writing: I just don’t feel like it. I have nothing to say. I know, I’ve never had anything to say, really, but now, for some reason, it matters.

What to do? Write a bunch of crap, post it to the internet and see if it sticks. To the wall, in someone’s mind, in someone’s craw? It doesn’t matter, I guess, as long as it sticks somewhere. Oh yeah, and keep working on the screenplay before John kicks my ass. Did I mention I’m working on a screenplay? Yeah, John wrote the meat and potatoes. I’m adding some parsley.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff. It didn’t help that I picked up Civilization 4 this weekend. Now I’m an addict. That’s why I need to stay away from video games. Soul sucking life-erasers. But, fun soul sucking life-erasers.

The Tornado was frightening. I was far, far away, but the thought of a twister hitting a city is freaky. Alright, who the hell parked a Mobile Home in Cabbagetown? I’m scared of three things. Spiders, lightning and high winds.

Spiders are sick and creepy, nuff said.

Lightning can strike on a sunny day and will leave you dead and naked on the ground. Because it will cause your clothes to disintegrate people! I read it in Boy Scout Magazine when I was seven and ever since I’ve been terrified of lying sprawled out and naked before the general public while I gasp my last breath.

High winds will blow shit though your house. You can’t reason with it. You can’t beg it for mercy. You can only hide under a mattress and pray to whomever you pray to. Until the winds lift your off your roof and send a pine needle through your skull. High winds are like The Terminator, Zombies, Cylons, Children of the Dammed, and Ann Coulter rolled into one giant unfeeling mass of force.

I’m feel bad for those that had to go through this and the aftermath. I’m glad my friends are okay. I wish everyone had made it through okay.

So, I’m off on a tangent. I could go back and edit this into 49 distinct posts, but I’ve no time. I just needed to light a writing spark. Hopefully it will catch fire and burn away the funk.

Oh, one more thing, who would win in a fight between Blue Thunder and Airwolf?


9 responses to “Doo Tee Doooo!

  1. It’s obvious! Airwolf would win in a heartbeat. It could go Mach 1 and had supercool theme music. What did Blue Thunder have? It could fly in a loop and help you leer at naked gymnists? Cool things to be sure but hardly any good in a fight. Even though Roy Scheider outcools Jan Michael Vincent, I’ll have to take Airwolf to win.

    Script, shmript. I have no time for writing either. I have a Masters degree to finish and six weeks to do it in. Maybe in the summer and once LOST is over…

  2. You really think Airwolf is getting off the ground with Ernest Borgnine in the cockpit? It’s a wonder JMV never flew it into the side of a cliff.


    If you are in a funk, let’s get beers or something… drinking always fills the spaces where nothing seems to find itself!

  4. Hmm, I forgot about Mr. Santini. But Blue Thunder did have one of the Wet/Sticky Bandits as a copilot so I’m guessing that evens that out.

  5. Oh shut up. You were brilliant. If some 12 year old on a sugar high makes fun of you, it’s only because he’s jealous.

  6. @duanemoody: you are wise in the ways of booze

    @john: Roy Scheider killed Jaws. Jan Michael Vincent was a pacifist in Tribes.

  7. @Tink Now he’s 12 and on a sugar high!?! I’m doomed.

  8. I love the Ann Coulter throw in. That made me laugh.

  9. @knight: Just doing my part to hasten her comeuppance.

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