Bacon and Balls

Baconfest is tomorrow and I was thinking of doing something extravagant to mark the occasion. Unfortunately, the farmer who was going to sell me a pig canceled the deal at the last minute. Also, hand grenades are illegal in Georgia. At least, that’s what the farmer said when I asked where I could buy one.

Oh well, let’s legalize Sunday alcohol sales before we start worrying about the real issues in this backwards State.

On Sunday, Kickball starts for the GA Lightning Division. Kickball’s Dream Team, the Natural Born Kickers, will take the field for the first time. There’s going to be a lot of pwnage happening. I’m not sure what my position will be, but it really doesn’t matter. Aimee is already the MVP. She’s one of our two Table Savers. The Table Savers job is to make it to the bar before the last inning starts and save the good tables for our team.

Do we know how to put together a serious game strategy, or what?

Though, I still kind of wish our team name was Kickle Me Elmo.


2 responses to “Bacon and Balls

  1. Had I known the poll was being sabotaged, we would be Kickle Me Elmo. Btw, sign is being printed as I type. 😉

  2. Cool, can’t wait to see it. I’ve got to run by Sports Authority and pick up some white shorts. I heard you can find them there.

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