No more, please

Baconfest was a special kind of awesomationess that can’t really be described by someone dim like myself. Especially when the dim subject drank excessive amounts of beer throughout the day. Sunday was rough, but from what I remember of Saturday, I had a great time.

I remember flashes, Polaroids in my head. BLT’s. Crepe Guy. Two great shows. Classmates. Mary’s kickassiest OP jacket. More BLT’s. More beer. Even More beer. Way too much beer.

The last thing I remember is tri-hugging Dan and Amber and yelling, “Osmosis!” Boy was I clever. I think I hugged Dan a lot. Maybe too much. That was Saturday’s theme. Too Much.

After Baconfest, I stumbled down to Yacht Club with some old and new classmates. I like my old and new classmates. I hate the Yacht Club. It’s an evil-bad place. I ran into a guy who looked like someone I should know. Then I realized, he just looked like a beat-up Jesus. I offered to buy him a shot anyway. I think he ordered a Stoli raspberry. Who does that? Okay, if you’re not twenty-two and in a Sorority, who does that? But I didn’t say that to him because after I took my shot of Jameson he looked a lot like Charles Manson.

I got back home five hours later than I had planned, thanks to the Fennessey’s. They were kind enough to bypass their house three blocks from the Yacht and drive me back OTP. Lovely people.

An aside: Go see Sheruption, an all girl Van Halen cover band playing the 10 High on May 31st.

I got home expecting to have some ‘splaining to do, but it turns out that Aimee’s girl’s day had gone about like my night. She was passed out in bed. The next day we were both in a bad way. I barely made it to our Kickball meeting. I’m glad I went because apparently, Aimee had volunteered me to be a co-captain. I did not drink at the meeting. The stench of beer coming from the pitchers on the table was bad enough. I’d hate to think what would have happened had I taken a sip.

I’m sleepy.

I know this post is ramblin’. That’s how my head is right now. I haven’t been able to piece together a cohesive thought since Saturday morning.

So, did I mention Sunday was rough? Well, so is today.


8 responses to “No more, please


    A two-day long hangover? This kid knows how to PARTY!

  2. More like, this kid is too old to party.

  3. I never realized how much Jesus and Charles Manson looked alike. Sort of explains a lot.

  4. it’s the late night liquor!!
    and the smokiness of the yacht club.

    Thanks for the shout outs on the op vest. it’s my faves, and i thought i lost it last year. i was sad, but OH SO HAPPY when i found it, in the strangest of places, on top of a wardrobe at the Home Depot headquarters. (not as weird as it sounds)

  5. so… scalzi felt that *this* was taking bacon a little too far. I’ll leave that decision up to the viewer.

    Not NSFW… but not SFW… somewhere in between.

  6. @sean: Apparently, bacon is the new black. Behold the Bacon Bikini.

  7. You are now Syndicated on LiveJournal.

  8. Post something new!!!

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