Things are getting hairy around here

Last minute wedding preparations consume my thoughts… not really. I’m sucking wind on my side of the deal. I’m not much of a planner, organizer or director. Think of me as talent. I’m the Marlon Brando to Aimee’s Francis Ford Coppola. I’m difficult and temperamental, but can bust out a great performance every now and again. She’s consistent, hardworking and a genius. It might seem like I’m comparing our wedding to Apocalypse Now, because I am. It was hell to coordinate, but it’s going to be a masterpiece.

I caught a break yesterday when I took my suit for alterations. Seems I just made the cutoff in time to get the suit back in time for us to leave for Florida. I wouldn’t be typing this post had I not made the deadline. It’s next to impossible to type in a full body cast.

I still have to finish trimming and gluing the programs for the ceremony. I figure if I do ten a night, I’ll make that deadline, too. Yeah, that’s me trying to plan.

I must really like living on the edge, or subconsciously I’m drawn to the idea of nurses changing my bedpan while I lay in traction, slurping my dinner through a tube.

Mmm… pudding.

I also have to buy gifts for the Groomsmen. Oh, and ties as well. If I do not secure these items by Saturday at midnight, there will be no kickball for me on Sunday.

I wonder if Coppola ever threatened Brando with no kickball.

Also, I’m trying to decide on Beard or No Beard for the wedding day. Aimee is back and forth. I don’t care either way. Feel free to add your $.02 to the comments. I need to decide by Saturday because I’ll need to get some sun on my face before the ceremony if I decided to lose it.

So, what do you think?


No Beard?


20 responses to “Things are getting hairy around here

  1. obviously you know what my answer is.

    but, i’d also like to add that you look funny with no beard.

  2. No beard. Unless you want everyone to think Aimee is marrying a mountain man. 😉

    You guys have PROGRAMS? Ahahahaha! No way. I’m trying to be really low key about Hoop and my wedding. But of course it’s for purely selfish reasons. I don’t want the stress…

    And I want my groom to be alive for the wedding. Because if I started expecting him to DO shit, I’d end up killing him.

  3. beard

  4. You look great with and without facial hair. If you really don’t have a preference, ask women. Men will just say, “Do what you want,” and you don’t know what you want. Other way to choose: how did you look when she first fell in love with you?

  5. Shave that flavor savor mt. man!!! Dont grow it back either…you’re not amish are you???

  6. beards are hot.

  7. horrible 70’s mo. Then ask her- this or clean shaven? (kidding)

    Your photos clean shaven have her in them- you’re all alone in the beard.

    BUT! I am a beard person, so I feel kind of torn.

  8. No beard. Erica and I discussed this at length the other day. We were wondering if you were going to keep it or lose it!

  9. Beard! Definitely.


    Definitely keep the beard. You shouldn’t “change” for your wedding day. And as for the mountain man comment… BOO you suck.

  11. Wow you two are a beautiful couple! I’m a beard person myself so normally I would say keep it but you do look really good without it and when I think about it, a lot of people shave to get married. It looks more honest or something.

  12. Very impressive bush, but get the hell rid of that mess!!!!!

    You will thank me years to come 😛

  13. idyllicchick

    I like a nice goatee on a man, and you would pull one off wonderfully! Shave the half of it!

  14. NOOOO beard!!!

  15. I think you’ll be fine shaving as your beard probably grows back quickly. Having red hair it would take me about 2 months to get a full beard back, so I wouldn’t because of the hassle.

    My personal opinion is beard.

  16. Wow – i’m totally torn. You really do look just as good with or without it. I have NEVER thought that someone looks just as good with or without a beard before EVER. What does SHE want? 🙂 Might as well fall in line now.

  17. What does Aimee think? Then do that.

  18. Def a beard bro-ham! Its what symbolizes ATL bdawg. U gotta keep it!

  19. Clean shaven.

    If you’re wearing a suit, go clean shaven.

    If you’re wearing a flannel suit, the beard is fine.

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