And the winner is…

No beard.

Aimee is very happy with the choice and that makes me happy. Now I need an honest haircut and touch of sun on my pale face. The beard will begin its triumphant return on the honeymoon because shaving is a total pain in the face.


11 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. lame.

  2. S’hah! Lame with luuuuvvvv.

  3. wow. that’s tragic.

  4. S’hah! Tragically in luuuvvvv.

  5. Looks Hot. Good work!

  6. Tragically Lame.

  7. YEAAA!!!!!

  8. Holy shit! You’re white?! I thought you were Iranian or something.


  9. Wait – beard, definitely beard. If you start now, you can have a Sonny Crockett-look for your wedding.

  10. Beauuuuutiful dahling.

  11. Frank Juval

    Yeah, I grew a beard out too back in 2004. I loved it. Was the first time. It came in all scraggly. I can’t really grow sideburns so those were a bit pitiful but I still loved it. Been thinking of doing it again.

    BTW, congrats on the marriage! Welcome to the club.

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