So over paragraphs

I should write something.

I could write something.

I will.

Aimee and I are saving large chunks of cash to buy a house within the next year.

We’re not sure what part of Atlanta we will choose.

East Atlanta is looking good.

The chunks of cash we are saving really aren’t that big.

We’re budgeting to make them bigger.

In that spirit, I have declared today No Spend Tuesday.

I know it’s not very catchy.

I don’t care.

I just care that I won’t spend one red cent today.

I made my breakfast and skipped Planet Smoothie.

I made my lunch and avoided the café.

We have Turkey sausage, bought a few days ago, thawing in the fridge.

Not even a soda today.

I’m hoarding all my dollars.

How long can I go?

I should really spend to stimulate this economy.

Sorry, it’s my fault.

I’ll buy something, tomorrow.

Just not today, not on No Spend Tuesday.

Last night, I had improv class.

I didn’t want to go.

I’m not feeling very outgoing lately.

I’ve been very introspective.

I am glad that Aimee made me go.

I met Clunky Robot.

He’s wrote a play with Zombie Sitcom.

They were rehearsing.

It comes out in a few weeks.

Clunky was nice.

It was good to meet him.

Class was also good.

I was a fish.

Then I was a seven-year-old expert on bunk beds.

Then I was a surly State Trooper.

Then I realized I have a bad habit of cracking.

I laugh when I want to leave a scene.

That’s not very graceful.

It was hot in Dad’s.

We got really thirsty.

I was downright parched.

We walked to the coffee shop across the street during a break.

I bought a Smart Water.

It has electrolytes.

Steve bought a Dasani.

He drank his Dasani at once and refilled the bottle with free water at the counter.

That was smart.


3 responses to “So over paragraphs

  1. This makes me miss improv class.

    Dasani water has salt in it…which actually makes you more thirsty.

    I am going to implement your idea of no spend days even though it may mean I don’t leave the house.


    There are some GREAT houses near us I have to show you guys. Soon!

  3. Every day must be Tuesday around here… Stupid economy. Even when I DO stimulate it (wow that sounds dirty) it shows me no love.

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