I need to start working out again. I need to start eating right again. I was doing so well at the start of the year. I lost 24 pounds between January and April. I went from 270lbs. to 246lbs. I was well on my way to my goal of 210 when the wedding hit, followed by the honeymoon with all the delicious and fattening food that Maui has to offer. From there, I’ve indulged in an unstoppable relapse of gluttonous weight gain.

It sucks to type the numbers. Mostly because when I got on the scale two weeks ago, I was back up to 266. I was losing weight by eating healthy foods, avoiding sugar and simply walking a half hour per day, five days a week. I gained it all back by eating crap, swallowing sugary sweets and not moving.

So, I’m reverting to the helpful behavior. I’m also adding One Hundred Pushups and Couch to 5k into the mix. I recently dabbled in both of these programs in the past week, but I have not been consistent. Also, the increase in exercise increased my appetite. Only, instead of refueling with vegetables, whole grains and lean meats, I’ve been gorging on anything that’s remotely edible/I can fit in my mouth.

Today, I am wearing an un-tucked polo shirt to work because my pants are tight and I want the additonal room. Yeah, I’m that guy. The slob at work that can’t tuck in his dress shirt. I’m wearing a businessman’s Mumu. 

In an effort to make public my private shame, I will be releasing details of my weight tomorrow morning after I weigh myself. I hope that this will force me to maintain my new fitness regimen and healthy diet so that I can slowly, but surely, post smaller numbers as the weeks continue toward my old goal of 210lbs.


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  1. the couch to 5k podcast is extremely helpful (especially to a girl that hates to run). good luck, man.

  2. getyourfreecone

    Thanks, I need all the luck I can get.

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