Totals and Goals

Current weight: 262.4

Current waist: 47.25″

Goal weight: 210

Goal waist: 36″

I’ll weigh myself every morning and post the results beneath the day’s blog entry. I’ll measure my waist once a week and post the results every Friday. My weekly goal is to lose two pounds a week and a half inch from my waist. I’m measuring my weight with a digital bathroom scale and my waist with a tape parallel to the floor and at my belly button.

I expect to reach my goal weight by the first week in January 2009 and my goal waist size by the second week of December 2008.

These goals are loosely based on the information I read in You: on a Diet.

As I posted yesterday, my exercise plans are One Hundred Pushups and Couch to 5k. The One Hundred Pushups program lasts around six weeks and the Couch to 5k takes nine. So around ten weeks from now, I’ll need to find new exercise goals. 

Currently, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are pushup days and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are running days.  

Last night, I skipped ahead to week 1, day 2 of the One Hundred Pushups plan. I maxed at 12 pushups for the final level totaling 40 pushups last night.


4 responses to “Totals and Goals

  1. Get Wii Fit. It is actually pretty fun and I have lost a little weight so far playing it.

  2. You should check out Operation Boot Camp ( I’m an instructor and former boot camper and it works. I lost nearly 15# and 2+ inches off my waist in the first month. Check out for more boot camp info from my own experiences in March, 2008.

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  4. Yeah, this kind of isn’t happening anymore.

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