A Case for Banning

Concert of Death is a movie that lacks a solid direction. Is it a Horror Flick, a Disaster Film, a Social Commentary? It tries to be all these and more, but fails at each attempt. It succeeds at being a disgusting and depraved film that should be outlawed.

Cast with relatively unknown actors, the story plods along with horrendous dialog and aimless monologues. The only standout performance comes from Richard Sturling who plays the affable roadie, Leon. How he was duped into this role is a mystery.

…Tormented and abused by the members of Smokey Lung, Leon hangs on to the slightest hope of acceptance. That is until he must make a final decision between good and evil and the fate of an audience of thousands. Will Leon’s choice be their death?

Whatever, it’s basically about a guy, Faustin, who starts a band of misguided and psychotic musicians with the intent to get famous, hold a huge concert, fill the venue with gas and blow everyone sky high when they break out their lighters for the ballad, Father Don’t Go. A song he wrote at eleven when his father died of lung cancer from second hand smoke.

Leon finally discovers the truth when asked to transport barrels of Top Secret gas stolen from a military compound where the guitarist, Hammyr, was a soldier before his dishonorable discharge.

Oh, and don’t forget the most vile and disgusting scene ever filmed involving a group of unlucky bimboesque groupies who are unfortunate enough to have won a contest to party with the band before the final concert.

Or rather do forget it, if you can.


-5,000 out of 5 stars.


2 responses to “A Case for Banning

  1. Thanks…now I am intrigued. Dammitt.

  2. Haha…good review, especially giving it 5,000 out of 5 stars. 🙂

    I’ll make sure not to watch it.

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