Having Giving Believing

I think that if Buck Rogers ever met Flash Gordon, they would shake hands really hard, in that death grip of greeting where it’s not just your hands locked together, it’s your very manhood. Their bodies buzzing with macho energy, teeth gnashed, grins snarled and chest hair erect.

I think if Buck Rogers met Captain Apollo they would Bro-out. Probably eat wings, drink Milwaukee’s Best in a can, and give hearty slaps on the back while guffawing over Twiki’s antics.

I think Starbuck would be jealous. Not the woman Starbuck, the real one. He would most likely play a game of high-stakes poker while getting drunk on rocket fuel. The stakes being his life, the rocket fuel being the fuel of a rocket.

Unfortunately, for Starbuck, his passive-aggressive cry for help would go unnoticed.

You can’t make love, you can only find it.


2 responses to “Having Giving Believing

  1. I agree with all of this and would add that Tweeky would ride on Dagget (sp?) the space dog.

  2. getyourfreecone

    Biddy-biddy-biddy, giddy-up!

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