Rhymes With Blows


Last night I was finally able to break my Heroes addiction. And yes, it was an addiction. In the same way a heroin junkie chases that first amazing high, I sat transfixed in a state of slobbering mediocrity, reaching for the glimmers of something great, only to be left unsatisfied and jonesing for the next fix.

Thanks to the intervention of an old friend, I was finally able to open my eyes to the utter trash that I was forcing into my brain on a weekly basis. Thank you Monday Night Football. You are a true friend.


2 responses to “Rhymes With Blows

  1. I’ve never watched that show. Not out of some kind of militant stance or anything, just haven’t gotten around to it. However, I’ve always heard it was good and now I always hear it’s terrible. I’m sort of glad I’ve missed the rollercoaster ride. Sorry you had to go cold turkey.

  2. getyourfreecone

    I can give you season 1 on DVD, but you have to promise to pretend that the last episode is the series finale and that the series ended on a cliffhanger.

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