Actual Rumored Movie Rumor News

All up in the Internet’s junk this week, I give you news that you already know:

Casting has begun for Hollywood’s next big original blockbuster, The Karate Kid. Originally, a movie that has already been made, the remake will seek to capture the magic of the original, The Karate Kid. Saving the time of creating an original movie, from an original script, based on an original idea, the filmmakers are instead free to attract a new audience, with the original idea, by casting new celebrities in the original roles.

Jaden Smith is set play the roll of Daniel “Daniel-san” LaRusso, a spunky, yet whiney, kid from New Jersey, originally played by Ralph Macchio.


Jackie Chan, Chinese actor and Kung-fu Master, will fill the role of Mr. Kesuke Miyagi, a Japanese apartment superintendent and Master of Karate, originally played by Pat Morita.


Next week, I’ll interview Director Michael Bay on his upcoming remake of The Goonies starring Tom Cruise.


One response to “Actual Rumored Movie Rumor News

  1. If that movie bombs then we’ll know there really is a God.

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